Chartered Institute of Managements Accounts

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  1. mariaeulalia Senior Member

    Queretaro, Mexico
    Could anyone help me with this translation?

    CIMA is Chartered Institute of Managements Accounts.

    I have read that a CIMA certification can be obtained in the UK; however, I am doing a translation and I don't find the proper words to say that in Spanish?. I live in México and I am not quite sure that here exists a similar Institute.

    It exist Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos and Colegios de Contadores, but it is the only thing that I know about this.

  2. Translator99 Senior Member

    South America - Spanish
    Instituto de contadores gerenciales afialiados
  3. Bolavà detectiu Senior Member

    Barcelona, Catalonia
    Catalan / Spain Spanish

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