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    Hello fellow translators :)

    I am translating EN > SP an Aircraft Wet Lease and this concept comes under Clause Two, where it says:
    "XXXX, as Charterer, wishes that YYYY, as Charteree, provides it with one or several Boeing aircraft operated by YYYY under the ACMI Wet Lease modality (...)"

    According to WR Charterer is "Fletador", but I don't seem to find Charteree, [Google only shows the word in English] I am not sure if that could be translated as "fletante"?

    I would sincerely appreciate any help you could give me on this!

    Thanks in advance :)
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    The term "charteree" doesn't sound like standard English to me (but maybe there is a term for it in Spanish). The Google search I ran shows only 8900 results, and the top hits seem to come from Croatia. If you don't get better help, possibly you could use "Fletante" and then define it as the person chartering the aircraft from the charterer.
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    ON, Canada
    Thank you very much RicardoElAbogado, this is the first time I see "charteree" myself, if "fletante" conveys the concept I will then accept your suggestion to add an explanatory note.
    All my best,

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