chase off his fickle muse

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    Hi, would you please explain the meaning of the red part of the following sentence, from an English test. Thanks a lot.

    Berolucci found most climes inimical to his creativity; often, he would travel to remote locations, as he believed such places to be less likely to chase off his fickle muse.
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    Have you looked in the dictionary?

    Random House: muse: the imaginary force thought to provide inspiration to poets, writers, artists, etc.:waiting for the muse.

    Random House: fickle:
    1. likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability;
      casually changeable:fickle weather.
    2. not constant or loyal in affections:a fickle lover.
    Random House: inimical:
    1. adverse in tendency or effect;
      :a climate inimical to health.
    2. unfriendly; hostile:a cold, inimical gaze.
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    Yes I know the meaning of all words separately, but I cannot understand the meaning of the whole red part and need help, please.
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    He found he was less likely to lose his inspiration if he traveled to far-away places.
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    Thank you.

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