chase or pursuit

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Ukrainian language
Two wolves ran through the forest in ________ of a deer.
A) chase B) pursuit
What is the difference between these words? Aren't they synonymous? Need your help!
  • gazrj01

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    English - Australian
    Chase in this case sounds distinctly odd. The normal usage in this case would be:

    Two wolves ran through the forest in pursuit of a deer.​

    It would be normal, when using chase, to use "give chase to" - but that also sounds odd to my ear in this case. I would go with pursuit - it's cleaner and less problematical in terms of how to rewrite the sentence for "chase".


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    American English
    We use them differently in different sentences and different contexts. Here, you want "pursuit" because of the "in" – "in pursuit." We don't say "in chase."

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    British English
    You want B. The phrase is in pursuit of. Pursuit and chase are by no means synonymous.
    Pursuit is more abstract. The thieves ran off and the policemen chased after them in hot pursuit.
    Chase can be more general. Hunters enjoy the pleasure of the chase.
    These are just some thoughts. Cross-posted.
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