chatting away/ typing away

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Hola a todos,

Perdonad mi pregunta quizá un poco tonta pero si "working away" significa "trabajar sin parar", "chatting away" y "typing away" significan "hablar sin parar" y "escribir a máquina sin parar"?

  • gato radioso

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    Ok, but ' to take away' es 'para llevar', isn't it?
    And, on the other hand I haven't introduced any word in " typing away"
    En este contexto:
    to dance away
    to tap away
    to type away
    to chat away

    sería hacer algo "como descosidos", "como locos", "sin parar"


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    I once had a Spanish-speaker remark to me about precisely that phrase, "typing away", and she tried to read literal meaning into it, as follows:
    "Away" as a spatial adverb refers to movement from here to someplace far from here.
    So a person who is "typing away" is so absorbed in the task that their consciousness has withdrawn from "here" and gone figuratively to a faraway "place" where there's only typing.
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