Che cazzo ne so?!


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In Italian we have this saying that sort fo means "How the :warn:fuck could I know the thing you want me to tell you?!", so its actual meaning is "I don't know!!". Here is an example:
A: "What was your brother doing with my girlfriend??" (LoL, I couldn't think of anything else)
B: "Che :warn:cazzo ne so?!"
Thanks in advance.
PS: This topic has never been discussed, that's why I opend a new thread.
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    "How the:warn: fuck should(would) I know?" is stronger, more emphatic and more vulgar than "How the hell would I know?". I would use this translation if you wanted to really render the force and profanity of:warn: "cazzo" in English. Although "How the hell would I know?" is correct and used all the time, it is slightly more mild (but still very rude).
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