Che ce fai?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by uiop, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. uiop Member

    Hello, I hope I tend to hear it correctly, but I tend to hear the sentence: "Che ce fai...che ce fai qui". The problem is I cannot understand the grammar of that idiom. Why not: "che ci fai qui"? According to books, ce is used instead of ci in front of the ne, la, lo, le, li. Or is that an idiom and there's just no grammatical clarification? Thanks.
  2. danalto

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    It's just slang: in Rome we use to say ce instead of ci.
    Pay attention, though: Che ce fai? could also be an idiom meaning "Are you trying to be different from what you are?"
  3. Necsus

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    Because the speaker is probably from Rome...! ;):) The meaning is exactly "che ci fai qui?"

  4. j00ey Member

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    What's the meaning? Is it 'What are you doing here?'? Or is it an idiomatic construction?
  5. mxyzptlk63

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    "What are you doing here?" is correct. It is not italian but dialect from Rome.
  6. mxyzptlk63

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    Ci andrebbe però una virgola, quindi: "Che, ce fai?"
  7. *Giulia* Senior Member

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    "Che ce fai" (without "qui") could also mean: "what are you doing with it?" (where "ce" would refer to a certain object "it").
  8. CPA Senior Member

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    Also, "what good's that to you?"
  9. j00ey Member

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    always more to language than it seems at first sight!

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