Cheap out [phrasal verb]

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Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing)
Cheap out [phrasal verb]

Your definition or explanation: Buy the cheaper alternative.

Example: (An example of the term in use)
Will they cheap out for the basic Wi-Fi version, or will they go full-on for a 3G-enabled iPad?
More context:
All this comes just as Apple gets set to begin shipping iPads to an adoring public. Retail availability in the US is now set for April 3, and sometime toward the end of April in Canada. This means potential buyers are already deciding how much hard-earned cash to bring along when they wait in line overnight to buy one. Will they cheap out for the basic Wi-Fi version, or will they go full-on for a 3G-enabled iPad?
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Betanews, 8 March 2010

Another example:

Did you cheap out on a TV stand? It probably just got recalled. -- For the 48,600 customers out there who purchased one of four different King Pao Enterprise TV Stands (likely sold and distributed by Studio RTA), ... Not only did the family that bought the stand shown in the picture cheap out on the stand, They also bought a cheap substandard (and noisy) Magnavox dvd player. Yich!
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  • Loob

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    Curious combination - I'd have expected "out" to be part of a combination indicating the expenditure of a lot of money, not a little: cf "splash out", "push the boat out".

    I suppose the idea is giving in, like "wimp out"?


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    The Big Bang Theory Season 05 Episode 04

    in the cheesecake factory

    Howard: Thanks for dinner, buddy.

    (all the others left but Raj, who's the vastly wealthy guy of the gang)

    Penny: Oh, and don’t cheap out on the tip. We all know you’re loaded now.
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