Check around (on)


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I'm still having some trouble getting straight the extract I brought up in this thread yesterday.

Here we go with that one again,


COHLE: Hey, you mind if I skate? I got some names from Vice, prost’ farms. Check around on our DB.

HART: You want me to go with you?

COHLE: Nah. Just something to do.

HART: You go ahead, I’ll take care of the paperwork.

COHLE (V.O.): Like I said, I’m feeling a lot of stuff hit me at this time.".

What's the check around (on something) supposed to mean right there?
  • To tell you the pure truth, Paul, I was well aware of DB meaning database; yet I still couldn't quite figure out the whole wording's meaning for certain. I'd lay a wager it's to mean see around places itemized in their DB.
    It seems to be the imperative, and a simple use of "to check" + adverb "around" - "Around" in this case is a casual use that means "in various places within": "Look at some of the details that might be in various places in our DB (with the implication that if there are any of interest, then you should make a note of them.)
    All right, I seem to have imputed too much of a meaning to it, don't I? Turned out being as simple as this.