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Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by millerm, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. millerm New Member

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    I know that heart rate is "ritmo cardíaco", but I don't know the verb used for checking heart rate. My best guess is "verificar," but I want to be accurate. Help?

  2. Gabriel

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    Controlar. "Contrólate el ritmo cardíaco".
  3. millerm New Member

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    So "Contrólate el ritmo cardíaco" is to check heart rate and not to control it, right? Another one of those false cognates, I assume ...
  4. Belle_85

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    Spanish - Argentina

    It would be "controlar la frecuencia cardíaca", in the sense of checking which is the current heart rate and not in the sense of lowering/increasing it.
  5. PAEscritora

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    Speaking of these routine measurements, the nurses I interpret for always say, "can we get your height and weight?" I wish they would say "check your height and weight." "Get" is so slangy and incorrect. I usually say, "Podemos ver so peso y altura?" I would like "controlar," but I wonder if that is changing the register a little too much?
  6. alexelia Member

    damn, good post!

    "me preocupa el ritmo cardiaco"
  7. Yo♥WR New Member

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    It's a little late, but just to add my 2 cents worth - "controlar" is OK for "check" but "revisar" is more widely used, particularly in Mexico. "Controlar" is very common in Argentina. If you want to use something more "slangy," "checar" or "chequear" are pretty common among Latins in the US but are obviously anglicisms.

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