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I would know if "check it out" and "check it up" are synonyms or there are some difference between both.

My native languaje is Spanish and I understand that "check it out" means "hacer una comprobación". Thanks.
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    Estoy de acuerdo con gengo, y tampoco diría "check it up."

    Tambien quiero agregar que MAGUERO tiene razón: "hacer una comprobación" es otra traducción correcta.

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    It just occurred to me that you may be thinking of the phrasal verb "to check up on," in which case you can't put the pronoun "it" between the verb and the preposition.

    check it up :cross:
    check it up on :cross:
    check up on it :tick:

    The last one means basically the same thing as "check on," and is translated as vigilar a alguien or averiguar algo.


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    Si quieres decir algo más que echar un vistazo. Es decir, " Mirar con atención" . Could I say... " Find out" ? or is there another more appropiate word ?

    Thanks in advance