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  1. alicatado Senior Member

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    I'm trying to think of a translation of this that captures the double meaning of 'check out'. I'm also wondering how ugly 'cheka' sounds in the translation of something official.

    mi intento:
    cheka(cheque) la biblioteca
    Mire la biblioteca
    Llevese la biblioteca
    Vea la biblioteca
    Saque la biblioteca

  2. Moritzchen Senior Member

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    Pretty ugly.
  3. lanueva Senior Member

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    Visite la biblioteca ... o, si quisieras seguir la personalización del original: Visite su biblioteca. No creo que se pueda continuar el doble sentido del original.
  4. andador_de_mil_caminos Senior Member

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    Cheka is horrendous in a formal context!! Also, I think, correct me if I am wrong, but it's a Spanglish word and therefore I would never use it in anything official.

    What double meaning of check out are you thinking of? That phrasal verbs has a myriad of different meanings! If you mean, to check out a book from a library I'd use the verb retirar. Sacar can also be used but only in an informal context.
  5. alicatado Senior Member

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    Check out in the context of a library would refer to checking out or withdrawing books. Check out is also a very colloquial way to say "look at this" or "pay attention to this".

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