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Molly narrates the poker game between Brad and Harlan. Brad pushes $72,000 into the pot:

Molly: Brad's betting represented a huge hand by calling on the flop, check raising the turn, and bombing the river. Of course, Harlan didn't know that Brad didn't know what any of that meant. So Harlan, always a good sport, said...

Brad: Nice bet.

What is the meaning of the "the turn"?
Source: Molly's Game 2017
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    Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia

    Just like you should search for a word in the WRF dictionary before posting a question (Forum Rule #1), please look up these poker terms in the glossary I just gave you the link to. They explain all the terms there and you may not need to post a question here. Of course, if you have take the trouble to look it up and are still confused about the explanation, please describe your confusion in a thread and we can help:)
    I'll do it for you one last time:D

    The turn, turn card or fourth street is the fourth of five cards dealt to a community card board, constituting one face-up community card that each of the players in the game can use to make up their final hand. See also flop and river
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