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Hello. My friend got this corrected sentence.

"I will check it's location by Google maps on my smartphone if you tell me the address."

Originally, she wrote "with my smartphone". When she asked me why is "with" incorrect, I wasn't capable of explaining, so I was wondering if there are any kind souls here who can help. :) The sentence also brought about some other questions in my head, which I hope you can also help me with.

1) Is the preposition on used for platforms where we perform actions? It's similar to on the Internet, correct?
2) Is "by" correct to signify "Google maps" as a tool?
3) Can we alternatively say with my smartphone?

Thank you
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    "I will check it's location by on Google maps on my smartphone if you tell me the address."

    I suppose you could say 'with my smartphone' but that isn't what comes to me naturally.


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    1) Yes. When using "on", the idea is either that "Google maps" is on your phone or that you are doing the checking on your phone.
    2) Yes, but it may be better to use "using" or "with" or "on".
    3) Yes, but not if you've already used "with Google maps". If you omit the reference to Google maps, you can still use either "with" or "on": I will check its location with/on my smartphone.

    Note, it's its, not it's.
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