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  1. terrortwilight Member

    South Korea, Korean
    What does 'cheers' mean precisely?
    Do people use it to show their gratitude, to say goodbye, or to give someone credit for the things he/she has done?
    I think it has various meanings depending on the situation but not so sure.
    Would appreciate it if someone could provide some real-life examples along with its many different meanings.

    Thank you.
  2. Trisia

    Trisia mod de viață

    Please see post two in this thread

    There are numerous threads on the subject, you can find them by typing cheers in the WR Dictionary
  3. liliput

    liliput Senior Member

    U.K. English
    From OED:

    exclamation informal 1 expressing good wishes before drinking. 2 chiefly Brit. said to express gratitude or on parting.

    Meaning 1: A group of friends has met up in a bar and someone has just bought the first round of drinks. Before drinking someone raises a glass and says "Cheers!", everyone chinks glasses together and says "Cheers!". Especially used if it's some kind of celebration. For specific occasions, people may make more specific toasts such as "To the bride and groom" (at a wedding).
    Meaning 2: The group of friends are still in the bar, but one of them has run out of money, so he asks his friend to lend him a tenner (£10). To express his gratitude, he says "Cheers, mate!".
    The expression may also be used sarcastically; if one the friends spills a drink into somones lap, the unfortunate recipient might say "Oh cheers mate!".
    As pointed out in the OED definition, this second meaning is mainly a BE expression.
  4. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    Indeed, this topic has already been beaten to death.
    Liliput gave an excellent and exhaustive answer.
    I'm closing this thread. For further information, please follow the link provided by Trisia.
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