cheesecloth & gauze

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I found "cheesecloth" in Catherine Alliott's The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton, where it describes a dress: "Mum . . . dancing to Fleetwood Mac in her cheesecloth dress."

Is this the same type of fabric as gauze? And would you use cheesecloth when you talk about dressing wounds, or is it simply for cheese and dresses?:)

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    Hi nzfauna, I did:), exactly those two:), and the images showed it was gauze, and then Wikipedia talked a little about varieties and uses. My question was specifically about dressing wounds, which I found no mention of in the Wikipedia entry.


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    Am I correct in thinking this takes place in the 60's or the 70's?

    Cheesecloth is a lightweight very inexpensive fabric. In addition to its more practical uses, it is used for making costumes, or the kind of romantic dress that a woman might like to make for herself (or buy) and wear to a Fleetwood Mac concert.

    (Cheesecloth doesn't last very well.)
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