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    I've been struggling with a good translation for this word. It's slightly hard to define, maybe "something/someone trying too hard to impress and thereby achieving the opposite" or something over-emotional, but it's probably best illustrated by an example of something cheesy.
    This promo is in my opinion exactly that:

    So what's the best way of translating such an expression into Hebrew? קיטשי זיופי דוחה? Something else?
  2. ystab Senior Member

    For me, when it's trite and stretches like melting cheese, it's קיטשי, and when it's of poor quality and lacks taste, it's זול (and in a more formal register, סר טעם).

    A romantic comedy which uses lots of cliches and is sweet like an artificial sweetener is קיטשית. A commercial that aims for the lowest common denominator - sex - is זולה. Either can be described in English as cheesy.
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    You mean חסר טעם, right?

    Great answer, thanks, but as always I'm happy for any further input.
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    Nope, סר טעם = having poor taste.
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  5. Stifled Member

    You can try:

    נדוש - stale
    שחוק - worn
    מאוס - well, also stale. The outcome of keeping up with something that has already served its purpose a long time ago.

    I agree with קיטשי as well, whereas I've never heard anyone uses סר-טעם.
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    Thank you.

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