chef-lieu de canton

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    in the dictionary canton is district. A canton is described as an electoral area into which france's arronissements are divided for administration purposes.


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    Cantons are different things in different countries.

    In Switzerland, chef-lieu de canton would be capital of canton (I have never seen another word used). Lausanne est le chef-lieu du canton de Vaud.

    In France, since canton is a different entity, there may be a different word, I don't know. :(

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    I've looked and the only thing I've found is District Council Offices - I suppose you could say District administrative centre - un chef-lieu de canton is the most important commune in the canton which is the constituency of un conseiller général/une conseillère générale. A District is a local administration in its own right with a District Council, the nearest equivalent in France is une Communauté d'Agglomération (mine is called la CAPS).


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    Chef-lieu de canton is a town or city that is pre-eminent, from an administrative perspective, in any given sub-division of territory. he capital of a district the next largest division, is also called a chef-lieu. While the capital of the lowest division, the municipalities is called agglomeration de chef-lieu.


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    Bonjour hddtxj297,

    What country are you taking about? Because I never heard agglomeration de chef-lieu :confused:
    And we are looking to translate chef-lieu de canton into English.

    On French maps, chef-lieu (de canton) is translated Chief town (of canton)
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