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What is 'the chef-patron'? Does this mean he is the chef and the patron (costumer) at the same time???
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Today, Yannick is the chef-patron of L’Elephant, a restaurant in an Art Deco corner building which once belonged to his grandmother, a Laotian woman who married Henri and bore him six children.
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  • panjandrum

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    I can understand the confusion caused by this use of 'patron'.
    If you look at the WordReference dictionary entry for patron you will see three distinct definitions.
    The first two are the English usage, meaning customer, pronounced /ˈpeɪtrən/.

    The third is the definition which applies here in the term chef-patron. It is French, and pronounced accordingly:
    a man, who owns or manages a hotel, restaurant, or bar - /patrɔ̃/.

    David Ready

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    What it practically means is panjandrum's third definition. The non-cooking, managing chef who's also generally the owner.
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