Chemical terms - кремнезём

Anybody knowledgeable in chemistry out there? What is
кремнезем? I cannot find it in my dictionary, so if anybody knows of some chemical/geological dictionary, please let me know as well.
Also, what does the following mean "
масс. %" - that refers evidently to the content of that very кремнезем in something.

  • Jana337

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    Silicon dioxide, SiO2.

    I am not that smart, my dictionary is. :)

    Correct spelling: Kремнезём.

    Since I have no idea what I am talking about, it would be safer to wait for Papillon. :)



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    I'm not sure but it's very similar to Czech word "křemen" (=quartz, silica). So, I guess it's SiO2.

    масс. % = Mass percent

    EDIT: Aah, Jana, you're so fast :).


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    Yep, that's pretty much it. кремнезем, or silicon dioxide is the most abundant mineral on Earth and makes up things from sand to crystal quartz.

    In English, the word silica is usually used.