chemin de croix

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As yesterday it was a Good Friday for Catholics, I wonder what we say in English ''chemin de croix'' (14 stations before and after crossification, resurection of JC)

Many thanks
  • Purdster

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    Is "chemin de croix" ever used metaphorically, as in implying a pilgrimage or sacrifice? I'm trying to work out how it fits into the song Le Jour Viendra by Gérald De Palmas:
    "L'Eden, je le vois en toi
    Je peine, sur mon chemin de croix
    Même si je défie les lois
    Le jeu en vaut la chandelle",p1726

    I have:
    "I can see heaven in you
    I grieve on my pilgrimage
    Even if I defy the laws
    It's all worth the cost"

    I was just wondering if he's singing to God or to a person so whether he means it literally or not (he seems to be clever with his words and they often have more than one meaning, which makes translation quite a challenge!)


    Jacqueline Machin

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    I wouldn't use 'pilgrimage' at all.
    If you want to keep the mystical influence, you can use 'calvary' (which refers to the Golgotha, the hill of the crucifixion, the end of the way)

    But keep in mind that 'pilgrimage' doesn't reflect the suffering that you can have in "chemin de croix". Only the length of time, which may not be the most important here.

    Druide au jardin

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    It means the person has no alibi, so they are going to be in trouble. They cannot prove they are innocent.

    In this case, chemin de croix is the burden of the cross.\

    < - Et Pauline? - Desastreux. Elle etait au journal le matin, rentree de Quimper ver trois heures, sortie courir. - Sous la flotte? - Pauline court tout le temps. - Ca va etre un chemin de croix, repeta Louis.>

    I just notice it's got a cool double-meaing.

    Before that in the text, < ... Ca va etre un chemin de croix pour les alibis. Vous etes pourvu? >

    There is also the sense of the stations of the cross, in the amount of troubles one by one that will be faced during the procedure of the investigation.
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