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    by Lake Michigan
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    I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a translation for “chercher d’histoire” in the resources available. When I googled the expression, all the examples I found appeared to be in the negative.

    My best guesses are “to look for trouble” or make trouble”, or maybe “dig into the background” or “ask for further explanation”.

    If someone could give me a translation and explain why it seems to appear only in negative context, I would be very grateful.


    Alors c'est mieux que tu poses tes questions sans chercher d'histoire, tu vois bien qu'on repond sans animosite.

    Sinon tu sais, dans mes films, il ne faut pas chercher d'histoire ou de fil conducteur, juste des émotions brutes et floues qui te laissent rêver.

    Je me souviens que quand j'étais jeune la police demandait nos papiers on le faisait sans chercher d'histoire.

    Il est un mec cool et tranquil qui cherche d'histoire à personne!

    Many thanks – any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I think "looking for trouble" is close.
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    Here the correct translation is "looking for trouble" as Transfer_02 said:

    "Ne cherche pas d'histoire !" = Don't look for trouble!
    "Tu cherches des histoires ? " = Are you looking for trouble ? (someone being aggressive)

    Here use the litteral meaning: "don't look for a storyline", they are talking about movies.
  4. elianecanspeak

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    by Lake Michigan
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    Merci à tous les deux.

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