chi ha avuto l'idea

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The complete phrase is "Chi ha avuto l'idea e ha scritto i testi"
It's for a childrens travel guide - this is the back page where there is a short biography of the authors and this phrase is the title. The whole feel of the book is light and directed at children.
My attempts:
"Who had the idea and wrote it"
"Whose idea it was and who wrote it"
"The idea behind the book and the writers"
I don't really like any of them.
Help please?
  • joanvillafane

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    Hi syd - I wrote something and then reconsidered. It's a puzzle because "Chi ha avuto" is in the singular but it seems the answer will be in the plural (the two authors?)
    Of your three choices, I like the last one.


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    I agree with Joan about the third option. Another similar one would be:

    The idea for the book, and the brains behind it.
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