chiamati a raccogliere

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I find difficult to translate the 2nd part of this sentence...Can anyone help me???

"Il modello tradizionale del rapporto di lavoro può non essere adeguato a tutti i lavoratori assunti sulla base di contratti a durata indeterminata standard e chiamati a raccogliere la sfida dell'adeguamento alle trasformazioni e a raccogliere le opportunità della globalizzazione"

"The traditional model of employment:confused: may not be adequate for employees with a standard open-ended contract and........................."
  • GavinW

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    British English
    "The traditional model of labour relations may/might not be suitable for/suited to all workers/employees who are hired/employed on the basis of standard, open-ended/indefinite contracts, and who are required to meet the challenge of falling into step with the transformations of globalization, and grasping/seizing the opportunities which globalization brings."

    My stab. Hope it helps.
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