1. curious01 New Member

    English USA
    In the movie Diarios de motocicleta the girlfriend's name is "Chichina." Can someone tell me what this means? Thank you!
  2. lforestier

    lforestier Senior Member

    San Antonio, TX USA
    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    Names don't always mean anything. In Spanish tradition, which is almost identical to English traditions in this matter, names are selected to honor other people or because they sound nice. Unlike other cultures where the name is actually a description or phrase.
    For example, my name is Luis, which would be Louis in English. It really doesn't mean anything unless we go back to its Germanic origins. My name is common because of the Visigothic rulers of Spain.
  3. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    I think Chichina was a nickname..Che's love before he bcame a doctor was Maria del Carmen Ferreya; called Chichina

  4. whc New Member

    Hello curious01,

    I may be 9 years too late here but for interest, 'chichina' is a diminutive for 'girl'.

    'Las chichis' can be a slang term for 'las chicas', although use with caution because in other Latin American countries it means 'boobs', and in Spain 'chichi' is a vulgar word for 'vagina'.

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