chicka-boom beat


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Known for its gold-standard winter coats, Max Mara moved to a “chicka-boom beat” for spring — often a challenging season for the powerhouse brand.

Can you help me please to understand the meaning of "chicka-boom beat"?

Source: Max Mara RTW Spring 2017 - Max Mara RTW Spring 2017
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    There's a song by the Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda called Chica Chica Boom Chic. The article mentions
    its large-scale prints of palm fronds, and the grassy textures that echoed the greenery climbing the backdrop
    The design team was enamored with Lina Bo Bardi, an Italian-born Brazilian architect known for her modernist buildings, timeless furniture and association with the Tropicália cultural movement of the Sixties.
    The sporty elements were the most fetching in a post-Rio Olympics, ath-leisure way.​
    I'm guessing the writers of this marketing mess think "chicka-boom beat" suggests the rhythm of tropical, Brazilian music.
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