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"Going through this ridiculous fandango of chicken and blackmail again is the height of irresponsibility."
Norman Ornstein; Extending Debt Limit Past Elections is Right Path; Roll Call]

Hi people, I received this sentence on my email, and googled it too, but couldn't get the idea of what chicken and blackmail meant.

Fandango in that sentence means a foolish act or behaviour, and the like.

Cheers! =]
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    I don't know anything about the politics of the situation, but I suspect that this is the relevant meaning of chicken:
    6. informal any of various, often dangerous, games or challenges in which the object is to make one's opponent lose his nerve.

    I suppose that in various ways, the politicians are challenging each other to take unpopular stands, or do things that might cause them to lose an election (playing 'chicken'). They are also threatening to block or discomfort each other if their opponents don't cooperate or support the measures that they favor (blackmail).
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