chickens who live on grass and are in my hot tub


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Bill Maher interviewed Michael Pollan in his programme "Real Time with Bill Maher" about the documentary Food Inc.

They discuss food matters, and at a certain point they talk about how healthy chicken is. Michael says that free range chicken is delicious, and Bill remarks ironically:

I've known a few chickens that lived on grass. And they're in my hot tub right now.

The audience laughs, so I guess everybody understood the play on words.

My question is for native English speakers: what does chicken and grass mean in this context? And why are they in his hot tub right now?

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    The "chickens" is an alternative for "chicks" = "babes" = "hot girls".

    These "chickens" lived on "grass" = marijuana, and they are in his hot tub right now, waiting for him. It's just a lot of word play.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Yeah, it does. The problem was that chicken has so many different meanings that I wanted to make sure the first one that comes a native speaker's mind.

    Thanks a lot
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