Child agency


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Child agency and voice
Programmes are safer for children and young people if they are actively involved in programme design, learning and evaluation – they know what the issues are for children and can identify innovative and practical solutions
Children can be supported to consider what strategies they themselves can implement to minimise risk, and what strategies the organisation needs to implement to minimise risk

What is "Child agency"?

Source: Save the Children International

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    Save the Children International is a child agency, like UNICEF, and that's how people generally use this expression: "an organization, company, or bureau that provides a particular service". (Sense no.1 in the WR Dictionary.)

    However, here I think they are using agency in sense no.3. They're talking about giving children of "a means or method of exercising power or influence...".


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    Yes, confirmed. This is from a Save the Children document:

    Communication plays an important role in community-based adaptation (CBA)……
    The research on child agency and voice within the context of CBA remains in its infancy. Over recent years, child-centred organisations such as Plan International, Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision have sought to enhance the robustness of knowledge in this space.
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