Children and fools tell the truth


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In Greek, the version of the proverb "Children and fools tell the truth" is "From a child and a crazy man or (madman) you learn the truth".

What is the literal and what is the metaphorical translation of the proverb "Children and fools tell the truth" In English?
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    In German you have three options:

    1.) quite literally: "Kinder und Narren sagen die Wahrheit"
    2.) with the "fool" being dropped: "Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund" (a child's mouth proclaims the truth)
    3.) with the fool becoming a drunkard: "Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit" (children and drunken men always say the truth)


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    Only one saying in Russian comes to my mind (of Church Slavonic origin, ultimately based on the New Testament): устами младенца глаголет истина (ustámi mladéntsa glagólet ístina, lit. "by the mouth of an infant speaketh the truth").


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