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    I'm looking for examples of short rhymes you've heard recently or remember from childhood. I don't mean rhymes found only in books, but ones children chant to each other in games and conversation. I hope this isn't too out of scope for this forum.

    A couple I remember: in counting-out games when I was young, a common one was "ip dip doo, the cat's got flu, the dog's got chicken pox, out goes you."
    When someone was lying or exaggerating, kids often said "liar, liar, pants on fire."
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    První slovo platí,
    druhý leze z gatí.
    A to třetí neplatí,
    protože je chlupatý.

    First word is valid,
    second one is creeping from underpants.
    And the third one is not valid,
    because is hairy.

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