chilly - a little bit cold, moderately cold

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Dear all,

How would you say "it's chilly today", using the term "cold"?
To me, "it's a little bit cold today" sounds close, but it's a guess.

According to WordReference dictionary, "chilly" is:
chilly /ˈtʃɪlɪ/ adj ( -lier, -liest)
  • causing or feeling cool or moderately cold

I'd like to know the extent of coldness that native speakers would attach to the term "chilly".

I would appreciate any comments.
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  • GMF1991

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    I think you can say - "The climate is chilly today."
    I'm not meaning to make fun of you, but when I read this, I had the image of a man with a monacle (not too dissimilar to the monopoly man...), it seemed like a very upper class way of saying it, it's not very common to use "climate" when talking about temperatures or weather conditions.

    I agree with Beryl, the most common way is "It's a bit cold today"

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