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Diane Blomgren

Ay, "chimney" does not mean chimenea in my experience.
Chimenea means fireplace to every Spanish speaker I know. Nobody I've asked knows what to call the "chimney" (meaning the brick or stone structure that lets smoke out and Santa in). I've looked for "partes de la chimenea" on Google images and found words like "campana" and "conducto de salida de humos."

Please search for images of "chimney" and "chimenea" and you'll see that they don't mean the same thing. I found this, Instalación de chimeneas para salida del humo, which implies that people who know their chimeneas know that the word refers to the whole thing, from hogar or boca de la chimenea to the sombrero.

How to fix this? I think explain to the average WordReference user that chimney means "conducto de salida de humos de una chimenea".
  • Peterdg

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    However, the first definition of "chimenea" that the DLE gives is:

    1. f. Cañón o conducto para que salga el humo que resulta de la combustión.

    Also, look at "chimenea" in the Spanish Wikipedia. All the pictures they show, correspond to the English "chimney".

    On the other hand, it is also true that "chimenea" in Spanish has a broader meaning than "chimney" in English but this is a common phenomenon with many translations, and in both directions.


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    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. As already mentioned, chimenea in Spanish (at least in everyday speech) covers both fireplace and chimney. For this reason, I don't think we should make any changes to this sense.