Chinese soccer sucks


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I wonder if I can say:

Chinese soccer sucks!

To mean:

The average soccer skills of Chinese national soccer (football) team is low and hence Chinese people (especially fans) pick on it all the time.

I think "Chinese soccer" is too general, because I intend to say that the national soccer team is really "low-quality", but, I think it might work.

Can you help?

Thanks a lot
  • souplady

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    It doesn't give the meaning you're intending. It sounds like there's some kind of soccer that they play in China that's different than the soccer they play in England, for example, and it sucks in comparison.

    You're better off saying "The Chinese national soccer team" or "China's national soccer team."


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    Chinese soccer sucks! -> Football/soccer throughout China is of a poor quality.
    At [a/the] national level, Chinese soccer sucks! -> The Chinese national Football/soccer team is of a poor quality.
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