1. ultima New Member

    United States, English
    i am reading a book for my english class and there is a word that keeps being repeated. i'm not sure what it means and i would like to know. the word is chingada. does anyone know?

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  2. Reili Banned

    ESPAÑOL México
  3. Estrella Senior Member

    That word is a "bad word" in Spanish, and it´s used to express anger, annoyance. For instance, "vete a la chingada" means "go to hell". In Spanish there are a lot of expressions using that word.
  4. Emil Senior Member

    In Spanish or in Mexican? ;)
  5. BasedowLives

    BasedowLives Senior Member

    and according to once upon a time in mexico "como la chingada" means like a mother fucker

    run like a motherfucker!
    corre como la chingada!
  6. socrates Senior Member

    argentina, español
    Hola a todos!!
    Aqui "chingada" no es un insulto.....
    Yo, por lo menos, la uso para decir que algo esta roto o mal hecho..por ejemplo...."esta cama esta medio chingada"....de igual manera no es un termino que se usa comunmente (creo, incluso, que debo ser la unica que lo usa jaja :D)
  7. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    De acuerdo con socrates, decimos también está pollera (falda) me chinga, es decir, el ruedo no está parejo.
  8. ultima New Member

    United States, English
    thank you all for te help. i'll be sure NOT to use that word in the future. ...what a bad book...
  9. la gitana Senior Member

    Canada - English
    From my understanding of the above discussion, la chingada is more of colloquial use. I have a friend who often uses the phrase "Hijo de la chingada", and I've tried to figure out exactly what he means, but I can't think of an english equivalent. Can anyone provide an interpretation of what that means? He also says, "...como la chingada", which doesn't make sense to me either. What a strange phrase!
  10. rocstar Senior Member

    En todas partes
    México - Español-
    Hola la gitana.

    If somebody tells you: ! Eres como la chingada ! That means that you are a person hard to deal with. That person can't find the way to please you.
    If they tell you: ! Vete a la chingada ! That means something like - Go to hell -..And the list goes on.
  11. la gitana Senior Member

    Canada - English
    Pues, muchas gracias, rocstar.

    Una pregunta más: ¿Qué significa la frase hijo de la chingada?
  12. rocstar Senior Member

    En todas partes
    México - Español-
    Hola la gitana.
    Significa algo así como, son of a bitch.
    Si alguien dice: Jorge es un hijo de la ch...Significa mas o menos que Jorge hace cosas indebidas, es cínico, mentiroso, fraudulento ¡ vaya ! un cabrón.
  13. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    Pero decir eres un hijo de la chingada con un cierto tono, puede querer decir eres muy hábil o muy listo.
  14. rocstar Senior Member

    En todas partes
    México - Español-
    Hola flljob.
    Tienes razón. También puede ser así.
  15. SaritaSarang

    SaritaSarang Senior Member

    English - United States
    Hijo de la chingada means " son of a bitch ".
  16. sdgraham

    sdgraham Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    USA English
    Hay un libro El chingoles: Primer diccionario del lenguaje popular mexicano, peroi es defícil encontrar.
  17. Joby91467 Member

    English, Maryland, USA
    Mi amiga mexicana me contó una oración que su hija (que solamente tiene cinco años) dijo ayer--"ME LLEVA LA CHINGADA".

    ¿Qué significa esta oración?
  18. sfuente New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    me lleva la chingada = I carry a bad luck
    me lleva la chingada = I got a bad situation
    me lleva la chingada = I did something that don't work well
  19. la gitana Senior Member

    Canada - English
    Este libro seri'a bastante u'til. Los mexicanos usan MUCHAS frases populares que son difi'ciles a entender!
  20. rocas1 Member

    Mexico City - Miramar - Paris
    Argentinian Spanish
    Es verdad que esta palabra tiene significados distintos de acuerdo al país en donde se use. En México es grosera (alusiva al acto sexual, como el viejo significado de joder), en Argentina es simplemente algo (generalmente algo textil) que está mal cortado y, en consecuencia, desparejo.
  21. BLP New Member

    La Jolla, Ca
  22. BLP New Member

    La Jolla, Ca
    Literally translated the phrase means, "Son of the fucked one(fem.)", which probably means "born unlucky".
    Around here, (So. California, Baja California) the term "Este chingada" just means "this fucking thing" like when you can't remember what something is called, or in a moment of frustration.
    "Chinga su madre" is "fuck your mother" and though I've never heard it, "Chingador" would simply mean "fucker".
    Obviously, none of the above are polite, but I hear "chingada" alot- especially when someone cannot fix something
  23. Hogwaump Senior Member

    English - USA
    Being a native English (USA) speaker and having more than a passing acquaintance with Mexican Spanish, I thought I would pass along what I have learned. Here, we speak of a subculture where somebody "swears like a sailor," meaning they use offensive words very frequently. Mexico has an equivalent subculture, and "chingada" is among their favorite words. Translating Mexican to USA "sailor-speak," I would say:

    "chingada" is frequently equivalent to "fucking" or "fucked," but both terms have distinctly non-sexual usages. "Esa chingada cosa" could be translated as "this fucking thing" or "this fucked-up thing," and in all three translations the qualifier equates to "broken."

    "vete a la chingada" could be translated as "go to hell," but seems to carry more of the flavor of "go fuck yourself."

    "corre como la chingada" could be translated as "run like a mother-fucker" or "run like a son of a bitch" or even "run like a scalded dog."

    "hijo de la chingada" is often translated as "son of a bitch," but it has a more specific connotation, I think, carrying a sentiment more like "fatherless son of a prostitute."

    "chingada" as applied to a woman may mean "bitch" or "whore" or even just "ugly" or "mean."

    "chingada" as applied to a man is similar, but sometimes carries a hint of homosexuality.

    I would translate "me lleva la chingada" as "I got fucked up (by someone/something)" or "I got fucked over," in most instances.

    I do hear "chinga" used explicitly sexually, as in "chinga tu madre" or "chinga te," but the "chingada" form seems to be almost always nonsexual in nature, used much the way one of our "sailors" would say, "That fucking store ain't got no fucking milk."
  24. SaritaSarang

    SaritaSarang Senior Member

    English - United States
    Another example I hear a lot is:

    Esta chingadera no sirve!
    This fucking thing doesn't work!

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