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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by izabela, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. izabela New Member

    come si dice chiocciola @ in english? :confused:
  2. vesna Senior Member

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Slovenia/ Slovene-Spanish-English-French
    This sign is called AT in English.
  3. Jeannine Member

    Hi, what do you want to translate exactly? chiocciola(snail in english) or @(at in english).
    Hope this would help.
  4. leenico

    leenico Senior Member

    U.S.A. english
    Not to worry Izabela. There is a slight confusion about the "@" sign. It really does not belong in the sentence. Everything else is understandable. Chiocciola = snail. :D ;)
  5. Candygirl Member

    Good morning everyone!! I would like to know the name for the symbol "@" in Italian... Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

    MAVERIK Senior Member

    Italy Italian

    We usually call it " Chiocciola" .
  7. narmoriel

    narmoriel Senior Member

    I call it " chiocciola " but I think there is an other way to call it.
  8. Candygirl Member

    and could you give me a phonetic transcription? Thanks,thanks!
  9. Kleine Hexe

    Kleine Hexe Senior Member

    Italian Italy
    Alcuni dicono "chiocciolina".
  10. _forumuser_

    _forumuser_ Senior Member

    New York City
    A very unorthodox phonetic transcription:

    keeotcholah. :)
  11. pescara Senior Member

    By the way, the word chiocciola means snail in Italian, because @ looks like a snail. :D
  12. Piperita Patty

    Piperita Patty Member

    Marzabotto (BO), Italia
    Italiano - Italia
    Hi! How is it called in English this symbol? "@"
    Thank you very much!
  13. Cassidy's Mom Senior Member

    Houston, Texas
    United States, English
    It is referred to as "at".
  14. Piperita Patty

    Piperita Patty Member

    Marzabotto (BO), Italia
    Italiano - Italia
    Thank you very much, Cassidy's! It's because some days ago I had to ask for an email address and I didn't understand this word!
    Have a nice day!
  15. mathof Member

    English/United Kingdom
    Come si dice "@" in italiano? In inglesi, si dice, per <essempio@alice.it>, "essempio AT alice DOT com".
  16. MünchnerFax

    MünchnerFax Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    As you can read in this old thread (and also in this and this), that sign is usually called chiocciola (snail) in Italian, also when reading e-mail addresses. Calling it the English way at is also used, although less common.
    The symbol itself would be called A commerciale, but this name is normally not used.
  17. mathof Member

    English/United Kingdom
    Grazie mille per la chiarissima spiegazione.
  18. Diana Leigh Member

    Ann Arbor, MI USA
    USA English
    If I understand correctly, if one were to read an e-mail address aloud in Italian, one would say chiocciola for the @ symbol? The title of an Italian book being catalogued here at the library where I work is: Sistemi giuridici, complessità @ comunicazione. Would one read it aloud as: Sistemi giuridici, complessità chiocciola comunicazione? The answer affects how the title will file alphabetically in our catalogue. Thanks very much.
  19. danalto

    danalto Senior Member

    Roma, Italia, Europa
    Italy - Italian
    No, in your case it would be read AT. I assume it's a mixture between English and Latin! (et -with an e - means and, in Latin) Could it be?

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