Chipped merchandise

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Necesito su ayuda, por favor.

¿Qué significa o cómo traducen "chipped" en este contexto?

-In her eyes, he was obviously a shiftless thieving young person with nothing better to do with the last days of his sumer holiday than defraud charity shops of their chipped and valueless merchandise.

Gracias por su ayuda.
  • Passita

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    Spain - Spanish
    chipped es algo descascarillado, desconchado, fragmentos. Aplicado a merchandise, podría traducirse como "en mal estado", al menos creo que esa es la idea.


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    Chicago, USA, English
    Chipped merchandise means
    for example,
    that a piece of china has a small piece missing....

    This sentence basically is saying that this person is so low that he would even steal worthless pieces of used merchandise that were not even in perfect condition - that were cracked or chipped.

    espero que se ayudara
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