Chippin' around


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Hey everybody!
I've heard this expression in one Queen's song called
"Under pressure",
and I wonder what it means, could someone help me?
I'll be sO grateful!

Greetings from Honduras!

  • Sprachliebhaber

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    Realmente no tiene un significado específico. Es algo como "dar rodeos", hacer cosas sin propósito, para pasar el tiempo.


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    Do you think Sprach, it came originally from golf terminology; chipping around the green, not really getting anywhere?
    e.g. I chip around our front yard almost every day if I can´t get on a golfcourse.


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    Urban dictionary has this, it's similar to playing golf, but not quite the same:
    chipping To occasionally or recreationally use heroin without becoming trully addicted.
    I've been chipping for years, but I'm lucky I've never got hooked and had to experience withdrawal symptoms.
    chipping Using a sharp object for chipping small quantities of cocaine base from a rock of cocaine; instead of smoking the whole thing and immediately ruining your life.
    Using a knife to break off chips (chipping) rock cocaine to smoke

    chippin to go sum wher else or 2 leave
    l8rz man im chippin
    ryt den guys we chippin?

    There's one more, but I think it's anachronistic:
    Chip tunes music is music made from 8bit sound synths (atari/c64/NES).
    Chippin' is when you are partying it up to some chip tunes.
    Man last night i was drinkin' and Chippin' All over town last night