Chiquada- Spoiled/Princess/Stuck up??

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    I don't think I have the right spelling, but a friend of mine always tells me that my horse and are are "muy chicada?" I understand that he istrying to tell me that my horse is spoiled, or something like that. Can anyone help with the correct meaning and spelling?

    Gracias todos
  2. Herodiades Senior Member

    México, spanish
    This is a term often used in Mexico, the correct spell of the verb is "chiquear"

    (You can find it at RAE: chiquear. 1. tr. Cuba y Méx. Mimar, acariciar con exceso, consentir.)

    The meaning is "to spoil"... if you are talking about a person or animal being spoiled, then you say: está chiqueado...

    Now, the pronunciation varies: some could say "chiquiada" and others "chiqueada".

    Hope it helps, H.
  3. peaches2002 Senior Member

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    It helped a lot.

    Muchas Gracias
  4. Papa Chorizo New Member

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    There is an explanation for this term Cafepress website.
    Apparently, there it is a comercially viable opportunity for the use of this word. Chiquiada can be interpreted as "Princess" or "Brat"

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