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    Hola a todos. Algien sabe que son chiqueadores?
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    Hola lagringa:

    Forum rules advice to provide CONTEXT.
    It is very important. Without context you leave everyone guessing and you might not get the answer you are looking for.
    In México, this is very local slang:

    chiqueadores. m. pl. Rodajas de papel untadas de sebo que se pegan en las sienes como remedio para el dolor de cabeza.

    It´s a remedy against headaches. It´s bits of paper dabbed in a greasy pomade so they can get attached to the temples.

    Alguien not algien.

  6. Fana Member

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    Here in Guatemala, chiqueadores are some long and thin pastries or cookies.
    I found a recipe in which they used chiqueadores (I saw them in the picture of the cake) and they called them "ladyfingers". So I think that´s the equivalent in english for chiqueadores in the food or baking context.
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    Gracias a Vd Lagringa encontré la respuesta. Estoy leyendo " Como agua....." Irene

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