1. kristina.b. New Member

    What does the word "chiquita" mean in Spanish? When is it appropriately used? Are there other cute terms to refer to your girlfriend or female love interest? What about boyfriend or male love interest?
  2. xoxo Senior Member

    México, Español
    Could be like "sweetheart" the thing is that in Spanish, (at least in Mexico) we speak in diminutive most of the time and even more when it comes to a boyfriend or girfriend.
    Other terms are, nena, gordito, flaquita, cariño, muñeca, cielo...and so on, so on.....
    hope it helps,
  3. xoxo Senior Member

    México, Español
    Kristina, it also could be like..."sweetie pie"
  4. Talant

    Talant Senior Member


    don't forget that it can also means (without being a pet name) "very small", or "small" (f adj)
  5. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    Hola Kristina, Welcome to the forums!!!!

    chiquita is the diminutive form of "chica". You can use it to refer to someone who is pretty young or to someone very affectionate to you.

  6. Laia

    Laia Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish
    chiquita (o chiquilla) in Spain means "little girl" or "teenager", but is not necessary a romantic word... maybe yes, maybe not... jejeje

    You can listen to a song called "Chiquilla" of the group "Seguridad Social".
  7. mindykay24 New Member

    hello my name is mindy ummm i hear this song all the time and i have no idea what it means if any of you could translate this for me i would be tremndously thankful....

    Esa Jefita esta enterita y tiene tremendo culo
    Esta tan linda, esta tan rica y tiene tremendo culo
    que linda chiquita pero que importa si tiene tremendo culo
    has me el favor y meneate chica
    tienes tremendo culo

    this song is by pitbull featuring the ying yang twins i would love to know what they are saying
  8. LRLEIGH New Member

    I have seen also that Chiquita in reference to a femail, means small, cute one can also be a pet name for one's girlfriend. Which would it be if the man refers to you as "Mi amor"?

    Also, what does it mean when then man signs off an email with his name followed by "your love Chiquita".

    The man in question is Peruvian.

  9. BonitaMami

    BonitaMami New Member

    mindy, pretty much this song is talking about how girls have a tremendous a**. lol. hope this helped ;) [[ps.. the cul0 part means a**]]
  10. i just used a translator and chiquta for spanish means very small. Just Spanih (Mesico) Not for Latin America or Spain
  11. pequeño Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Sin olvidar chiquitita.
  12. That @#$%^ this @#$%^& and has tremendous #$% This so pretty, this so rich and has tremendous $%^ that is contiguous very small but that it matters if the favor has tremendous #$% there are me and meneate small you have tremendous @#$

    to mindy i just used a tranlator again
    ps that second word i wasn't sure about its the j-word. Oh yea some of the other word were not suitabel for this site. i had to edit them out . Sorry
  13. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    Excuse me? Do you mean that "chiquita" is not used in Latin America or Spain?

    Which "translator" did you use? Do you know that those "tools" are not completely reliable, don´t you? :rolleyes:

    And it is Mexico, not Mesico...
  14. San Senior Member

    Yes, and that what it means. Chica can be girl, but also small. People use different diminutives across different regions:

    chiquilla (only means a girl)
    chiqui (for girls)
  15. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Welcome to the forum, HiNice2CU.

    I've made some suggestions to your post, because we try to use correct spelling and punctuation on this site, since there are people learning English that want to learn correctly:
    I'm sure that mindykay24 appreciates your help, but as Eugin says, automated translators are totally unreliable. That's why this site exists -- because real people are better translators than dictionaries and computers.
  16. roxcyn

    roxcyn Senior Member

    American English [AmE]
    Para añadir un poco más referente a la palabra. También es la marca de bananas (=Chiquita).
  17. nanel Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    I don't think we use it in a romantic sense here in Spain. To us, it just means "young girl".

    Eugin, I think HINICE2CU meant that the translation was from Mexican Spanish into English, so it may not be applicable to the Spanish spoken in other countries. Agreed on what you said about automatic translators, though!

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