Chiquiti bun a la bin bom ba...


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Some young kids do this chant when often and I would like to know what it means. The spelling is probably not correct but some of you may be able to sound it out and know what it is.

Chiquiti bun a la bin bom ba, Chiquiti bun a la bin bom ba
A la vio, a la vao, a la bimbomba
(Persons Name) Spencer, Spencer
Ra Ra Ra
  • Nora Gale

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    Spanish / Spain
    In Spain we sing it a bit differently (I've seen there are slightly different variations in Latin America, but along the same lines, so you're Chiquitibun might be from Mexico):
    A la bim, a la bam, a la bim, bom, bam
    (Nombre de la persona)
    Ra, ra, ra (or ¡Ganará! , i. e. He'll win!)
    It's a chant to cheer and encourage a person or a group of people (you might say the team name instead the name of a person), during a match or any other similar situation. I guess it would be like the American 'Give me an... (and then you spell the name of the person or team).
    Hope it helps!
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