1. manriquez_79 New Member

    mexico español
    we use in mexico the word "chismografo" for a notebook which contains personal info about people we want to know about, it's very common in schools like elementary or jr. high the point is that you answer several questions about your likes and dislikes and when finishing you pass it to anotherone to do the same. meaning like gossiping or something like that.
    please help me if you know the word. thanks
  2. gonzalo_diaz Banned

    The gossip machine?
  3. CanalGirl

    CanalGirl Banned

    Panama City
    Panama; English & Spanish
    The gossip notebook.
  4. dr_monica2k Member

    American English
    When I was in school, we called them "Slam Books." They contained everything that you are talking about: gossip about others, jokes about people, etc. They were outlawed in school, and anyone caught with them would get in trouble.

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