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Hello all,
I'm translating a range of chocolates and am not sure what to do with "chocolat dégustation", which is obvioulsy used to refer to a type of chocolate. Tasting chocolate doesn't sound quite right, does it just mean chocolate for eating rather than baking, or is it a superior quality of chocolate? Merci d'avance!
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    Your guess is right ;) Chocolat dégustation usually refers to chocolate squarse that are to be eaten on their own, or with a cup of coffee for example. The term is used to separate them from baking chocolate and from the chocolate squares you'd eat with a piece of baguette and some butter.
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    I think it would usually convey a rather superior sort of eating chocolate - high-cocoa-solids etc, not something you scarf down to push up your blood sugar. "Tasting chocolate" seems odd to me, too: you might add a generic word like "luxury".


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    Would "Gourmet chocolate" make sense in english ? Because as Quaeitur & Martyn94 explained, it's the same difference as "gourmet/gourmand".
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