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  1. Ari09 Member

    Hi everybody,
    I need to translate the name of a food product into Dutch. The product in question is "Chocolate pralines filled with rum flavoured cream, Limoncello liqueur flavoured cream, Sambuca liqueur flavoured cream, whisky flavoured cream" (it's a chocolate box with different types of pralines).
    My suggestion would be:

    "Pralines van chocolade, gevuld met crème met rum, Limoncello, Sambuca, whisky smaak"

    Could it sound right and clear to Dutch consumers?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. triptonizer Senior Member

    Ghent - Belgium
    Nederlands - België
    cream = room

    "rum etc. smaak" needs to be written with hyphen: "rum-, ... en whisky-smaak"

    What about: chocolade-pralines met roomvulling, op smaak gebracht met rum .... en whisky?

    I'm drooling already.
  3. Sjonger Senior Member

    Dutch - Netherlands
    In Holland pralines are usually called 'bonbons'.
  4. bibibiben

    bibibiben Senior Member

    Dutch - Netherlands
    Just do away with the hyphens as well: rumsmaak, whiskysmaak etc. Or keep it even simpler: chocoladebonbons met roomvulling in de smaken rum, Limoncello, Sambuca en whisky.
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  5. dutchneil13 New Member

    Dutch - Netherlands
    Ciao Ari09,

    I think below reply of bibibiben is excellent if you are targeting the Dutch (Netherlands) market. If you are also targeting the Belgian Dutch speaking market I would go with chocoladepralines instead of chocoladebonbons (Netherlands Dutch speakers would recognize both, while Belgian Dutch speakers would prefer pralines). Good luck!
  6. NewtonCircus Senior Member

    Dutch (Belgium)
    In Belgium bonbon has more or less the same meaning as in French, a (wrapped) candy in general, although the word snoepje is more common.

    Like this:

    Groetjes Herman

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