chocolate soul


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Hello !!!

What does what it means in French "chocolate soul" ????

If someone would kindly answer me .. tank's
  • serjT

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    in the lyrics of system of a down " pictures " the sentence is :

    Flaunt your will at every wheel
    parachute your chocolate soul
    cobblestones under your weels
    i got pictures on my mind ..... ..... ..... ...

    what does it meaN ???


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    UK English (& rusty French…)
    As it is part of lyrics from a song, it is open to all sorts of interpretation; it's called poetic licence.
    If you really want a meaning (one of many…), how about "malleable soul"?
    You could be equally perplexed at "Flaunt your will at every wheel": it doesn't mean much either :rolleyes:

    Une âme doucereuse?