chocolate teacup?


When someone says something like "life just likes a chocolate teacup", what does he imply?...

or "what's happening just likes a chocolate teacup"...
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    This is not a common saying, as far as I know, though others may have heard it. In fact I find it rather curious. It would help if you would tell us where you heard it. It seems likely that was created on the spot to suit the context.


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    I've heard of a chocolate teapot, Latenight. It's about as much use as a chocolate teapot = It's absolutely useless ~ if you put boiling water in a teapot made of chocolate, it would just melt.
    But we really need to see your context.
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    I'm also familiar with the idea of a chocolate teapot. I would take this sentence to mean that life appreciates useless things. But without context, it's hard to say :)
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