choke a hippo


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He got enough petty thefts and grand larcenies on his record to chock a hippo.

What does "chock a hippo" mean?
  • Trisia

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    First of all, is it "choke" like in the title, or "chock" like in the post?
    I'm not familiar with any idiom like this so I can only guess:

    If it's "chock," I suspect it means you could fill up a hippopotamus with all the files in his record - he's a prolific delinquent :D

    If it's "choke" then I guess it means not even a hippo could handle eating all that paper - again, too many crimes.


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    It's choke. 2 examples I found:

    "for enough tips and secrets about wifi hotspots to choke a hippo, visit wifihotspots.wirelessinternetcoverage"

    "Enough stats to choke a hippo. Business Week covers recent data coming out of NPD Group, a market research firm"


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    First, I agree with those who have said it should be 'choke', rather than chock. However, if the original really said and meant to say chock, then I would take that to mean, "to stop a hippo". A chock is an object placed in front of, and often partially beneath, a wheel to prevent movement. This would be strange to my AE ear, but entirely understandable. There are so many crimes on his record that they could, if piled together, prevent a hippo from moving. That said, I still believe it should be choke.


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    I agree. A hippo has a large esophagus and neck, not easy to choke internally or externally (strangle)!