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    Context: A mercury vapour light bulb cannot just accept electricity from a plug in the wall but needs to be "warmed up", so one needs an izé between the bulb and the plug to make the electicity arrive with less power to begin with and then increase. In English this is called a "choke".
    The English word comes, I think, by analogy with the "choke" ("throttle") in old motor cars, which regulated the air/petrol ratio when starting the car (= fojtószelep?).
    Does anybody know the Hungarian for the electric izé, is it fojtószelep?
  2. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    Fojtó seems to be OK since it is used in the Wikipedia article Higanylámpa (mercury-vapour lamp)
    -- Olivier
  3. Uncle Bob Senior Member

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    Lovely, thanks.
    (Now I can set about studying moths!)

    Edit: Fojtó was indeed what they called it in the shop.
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    Magyar - Hungarian
    'Ezek elterjedt elnevezése az előtét, ballaszt, illetve az induktív elven működő változatoknak a fojtó.'

    So if it's operating on the principle of inductivity, it will be 'fojtó'.

    As for the old cars' engine, that is szívató. :)

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