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Can someone please tell me if "Chole" always has a negative connotation?

I was speaking with a lady from Mexico recently who ended the conversation, after we had said goodbye, with "Chole." We had chatted about our daughters' school and she didn't seem frustrated or upset. It was not an abrupt end to the conversation. I told her that I did not understand the phrase and she didn't seem able to explain it.

After I got home and looked it up, I'm wondering if I completely misread what she was telling me. So I'm hoping someone will say that it can mean something like "see you later" rather than "enough of this!"

Thanks a lot! :)
  • mirx

    "Ya Chole" used to be an expression of my childhood, it meant "enough" but not said to someone, rather it was used to point out something repetitive, tedious and too knocked on. Now that I analyze the phrase, it might come from "enough already, Soledad." Soledad being a female's name that's many times shortened to "Sole" and from there to "Chole".

    Edit I am almost certain the expression is not used in all Mexico. Seems to be used all throughout Mexico, there is even a website under that name inciting citizens to sing up and put a stop to some political enthusiasts.
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